Information on the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Module as Taught in the Spring Semester of 1997

The following textbooks were used for the module:

James H. Charlesworth (ed.), _The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha_, vol. 1, _Apocalyptic Literature and Testaments_ vol. 2, _Expansions of the “Old Testament” and Legends, Wisdom and Philosophical Literature, Prayers, Psalms, and Odes, Fragments of Lost Judeo-Hellenistic Works_ (Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, 1983, 1985) [abbreviated hereafter as OTP]

John J. Collins, _The Apocalyptic Imagination: An Introduction to the Jewish Matrix of Christianity_ (New York: Crossroad, 1984)

John C. Reeves (ed.), _Tracing the Threads: Studies in the Vitality of Jewish Pseudepigrapha_ (SBLEJL 6; Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1994). The only assignment from this volume is the essay “The Pseudepigrapha in Christianity,” by Robert A. Kraft (pp. 55-86). This article is also available in the Ioudaios-L archive (see below) and can be accessed by clicking here. You can have it sent to you via e-mail by sending the message:

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The realtime seminar met on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 am for one hour. Discussion on the otpseud list proceeded at any and all times. The seminar was a mixture of lectures by the instructor (marked L on the schedule of classes below) and discussions of student seminar papers. Summaries of the lectures and abstracts of the student papers were sent to the list. The lecture summaries and abstracts are also posted below. Most of the lectures also are available by e-mail. To have a lecture e-mailed to you, send the case-sensitive message given in parentheses after the link to

Week 1
A (4 Feb): Introduction to Module (L)

B (6 Feb): Introductory Thoughts on the Pseudepigrapha (L) (get otpseud introduction.97)
Read: Collins, 1-32

Week 2
A (11 Feb): Methodological Issues (L) (get otpseud methodology.97)
Read: Kraft essay; Collins, 33-67, 142-54

B (13 Feb): A Best-Case Scenario: The Book of Jubilees (L) (get otpseud jubilees.1)
Read: OTP II, 35-99

Week 3
A (18 Feb): Jubilees, continued (L) (get otpseud jubilees.2)
Read: OTP II, 99-142

B (20 Feb): A Difficult Case: The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs (L) (get otpseud testaments12p.1)
Read: Collins, 93-114; OTP I, 775-802

Week 4
A (25 Feb): The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs, continued (L) (get otpseud testaments12p.2)
Read: OTP I, 802-28

B (27 Feb): Pseudo-Philo (WeiEn Chen)
Read: OTP II, 297-377

Week 5
A (4 Mar): The Testament of Job (Bankole Davies-Browne)
Read: OTP II, 829-68

B (6 Mar): Hymnic and Liturgical Texts (More Psalms of David) (L) (get otpseud liturgy.5psdavid)
Read: OTP II, 609-24

Week 6
A (11 Mar): The Odes of Solomon (Paul Jarratt)
Read: OTP II, 725-71

B (13 Mar): Sapiential Literature (3 Maccabees) (L) (get otpseud wisdom.3maccabees)
Read: OTP II, 509-29

Week 7
A (18 Mar): Ahiqar (Christopher Maxwell)
Read: OTP II, 479-507

B (20 Mar) Guest Lecture: “The Enoch Literature,” by Professor James VanderKam of the University of Notre Dame (get otpseud enoch)
Read: 1 Enoch

Spring Break (22 March- 13 April)

Guest Lecture (24 Mar): “Reflections on Jewish Apocryphal and Pseudepigraphical Survivals in Medieval Near Eastern Religious Traditions,” by Professor John Reeves of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (get otpseud survivals)

Ancient Magic (The Prayer of Jacob) (L) (online lecture from San Diego on 8 April by J. R. Davila.) (get otpseud magic)
Read: OTP II, 715-23

Week 8
A (15 Apr): The Testament of Solomon (Richard Wayman)
Read: OTP I, 935-87

B (17 Apr): Apocalyptic Literature (The Apocalypse of Sedrach) (L) (get otpseud apocalyptic.apocsedrach)
Read: OTP I, 605-13

Week 9
A (22 Apr): The Apocalypse of Adam (Alison Wilson)
Read: OTP I, 707-719

B (24 Apr): The Apocalypse of Zephaniah (Shaun P. Bourgeios)
Read: OTP I, 497-515

Week 10
A (29 Apr): A Worst-Case Scenario (Eldad and Modad) (L) (get otpseud quot.frags.eldad)
Read: OTP II, 463-65

B (1 May): Jannes and Jambres (Kathryn Taylor)
Read: OTP II, 427-42

Week 11
A (6 May): 3 Enoch (Bankole Davies-Browne)
Read: OTP I, 223-315

B (8 May): The Testament of Adam (Robert Walker)
Read: OTP I, 989-95

Reading Week (12-16 May): The Sentences of Pseudo-Phocylides (Luke L. Cheung)
Read: OTP II, 565-82 (optional for students taking the course for credit)

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