Information on the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Module as Taught in the Spring Semester of 1999

The following textbooks were used for the module:

James H. Charlesworth (ed.), _The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha_, vol. 1, _Apocalyptic Literature and Testaments_ vol. 2, _Expansions of the “Old Testament” and Legends, Wisdom and Philosophical Literature, Prayers, Psalms, and Odes, Fragments of Lost Judeo-Hellenistic Works_ (Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, 1983, 1985) [abbreviated hereafter as OTP]

John J. Collins, _The Apocalyptic Imagination: An Introduction to Jewish Apocalyptic Literature_ (2nd ed.; Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans, 1998)

John C. Reeves (ed.), _Tracing the Threads: Studies in the Vitality of Jewish Pseudepigrapha_ (SBLEJL 6; Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1994). The only assignment from this volume is the essay “The Pseudepigrapha in Christianity,” by Robert A. Kraft (pp. 55-86). This article is also available in the Ioudaios-L archive (see below) and can be accessed by clicking here. You can have it sent to you via e-mail by sending the message:

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It will come in three parts and is a total of 68K long.

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A more detailed annotated basic bibiography for the course is also available. You can have a copy of it sent to you by sending the message:

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Most of the lectures listed below (L) also are available by e-mail. To have a lecture e-mailed to you, send the case-sensitive message given in parentheses after the link to

Week 1 (4 Feb)
Introduction and Methodological Reflections (L) (get otpseud methodology.99)
Read: Kraft article

Week 2 (11 Feb)
The Letter of Aristeas (L) (get otpseud aristeas)
Read: OTP II, 7-34

Week 3 (18 Feb)
3 (Greek Apocalypse of) Baruch (David Arnold)
Read: OTP I, 653-79

Week 4 (25 Feb)
The Sibylline Oracles (Catherine Brain)
Read: OTP I 317-472 (focus on books 3-5, pp. 362-405)

Week 5 (4 Mar)
Joseph and Aseneth (Elaine Pardoe)
Read: OTP II, 176-247

Week 6 (11 Mar)
The Testament of Abraham (Daniel Burbage)
Read: OTP I, 871-902

Week 7 (18 Mar)
4 Maccabees (Susannah White)
Read: OTP II 531-64

Spring Break (20 March- 11 April)

Guest lecture (25th March): “Writing Systems and Manuscripts,” (L) by Dr. Rochelle I. Altman (not available by e-mail, because of the graphics).

Online lecture by Dr. J. R. Davila (1 April), “Quotation Fragments (Pseudo-Hecataeus)” (L) (get otpseud quotation.fragments)
Read: OTP II 905-19

Week 8 (15 Apr)
Ezekiel the Tragedian, Exagoge (Stephanie Lavy)
Read: OTP II 803-19

Week 9 (22 April)
Eupolemus and Pseudo-Eupolemus (Keaton Hyatt)
Read: OTP II 861-82

Week 10 (29 April)
Aristobulus and Cleodemus Malchus (Mary Jauregui)
OTP II 831-42, 883-87

Week 11 (Wednesday, 5 May)
Online lecture by Professor Richard Bauckam, “The New Testament Apocrypha” (get otpseud ntapocrypha)

Reading Week (10-14 May)
Online lecture by Mr. James Harding and Dr. Loveday Alexander, “Dating the Testament of Solomon” (get otpseud date_tsolomon)

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