1 Enoch (Metatron)



1.1.1 Primary Texts

Genesis 5:18-24; 6:1-4

1 Enoch (OTP I, APOT II)

Matthew Black with James C. VanderKam, _The Book of Enoch or 1 Enoch: a New English Edition with Commentary and Textual Notes_ (Leiden : Brill, 1985)

J. T. Milik with Matthew Black, _The Books of Enoch : Aramaic Fragments of Qumran Cave 4_ (Oxford: Clarendon, 1976)

2 Enoch (OTP I, APOT II)

3 Enoch (OTP I)

Hugo Odeberg, _3 Enoch or the Hebrew Book of Enoch: Edited and Translated for the First Time with Introduction, Commentary and Critical Notes (New York: KTAV, 1973 [or. pub. 1928])

Jubilees 4:16-26 (OTP II, APOT II, AOT)

1.1.2 Secondary Literature

P. S. Alexander, “The Historical Setting of the Hebrew Book of Enoch,” _JJS_ 28 (1977) 156-80

M. Black, “The Messianism of the Parables of Enoch: Their Date and Contribution to Christological Origins,” in _The Messiah_, ed. Charlesworth (see 0.3 above) 145-68

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__________, “Righteous One, Messiah, Chosen One, and Son of Man in 1 Enoch 37-71,” in _The Messiah_, ed. Charlesworth (see 0.3 above) 169-91

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